Other Systems

WorkShop (TBD)

Workshop is a system where players may enhance their GalaXY Kats’ combat power as well as strengthen their equipment with three methods:

  • Power up: Collects materials in the game to improve the performance of the equipment and enhance the combat power of your GalaXY Kats. This requires Kats holders to consume tokens to proceed with the process.

  • Forge: Combines different pieces of equipment of the same rarity value to forge new items with higher rarity value. Likewise, this requires Kats holders to consume tokens to proceed with the process

  • Break down: Disassembles equipment to obtain constituent parts or props and to win the opportunity of earning more tokens as income. Again, this will need players to consume tokens to continue the process.

Exploration Mode (TBD)

In Exploration Mode, players can send their GalaXY Kats to explore different galaxies and receive tokens depending on the equipment they possess, their rankings, props, combat power, time spent, and so forth.

More galaxies will gradually be unlocked as the players advance to higher levels. GalaXY Kats with powerful and rare equipment may challenge galaxies with higher levels of difficulty and become top-ranking players on the leaderboard.

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