GalaXY Kats

When players exchange $gKAT and $gXY in the wallet into $KAT and $XY Tokens, there are some limitations (no limitation otherwise):
  • Player accounts without GalaXY Kats NFT are required to reach certain levels and chapters within 10 days after the account is created to execute exchange transactions.
  • At most one exchange is allowed every 48 hours for all players.
  • $gKAT withdrawals have a maximum and a minimum threshold, which is determined based on the current level and progress of the players.

  • A handling fee of 2% in $gXY is required for each withdrawal of $gKAT.
  • The minimum handling fee: 0.2 $gXY.

To control the supply of tokens and maintain a stable pricing scheme, a Token Recycle Mechanism has been set up for $KAT by buy-back & burning of $KAT tokens.

  • Some of the $gXY handling fees generated by withdrawals will be used to repurchase $KAT.
  • Some of the handling fees generated by non-$KAT transactions in the NFT Marketplace will be used to buy back $KAT.

  • Blind Box $gKAT drawn in the game by players will be partially destroyed.
  • $gKAT used for Workshop upgrade and equipment forging will be partially destroyed.
  • Handling fees generated by $KAT transactions in the NFT Marketplace will be partially destroyed.

Once the token prices drop to a certain level, the Blind Box Mechanism will be activated to increase the probability of obtaining advanced equipment in the Blind Box ecosystem. This mechanism will encourage players to acquire more Blind Boxes and as a result, more $KAT will be burned to stabilize the token price by reducing the total number of tokens.
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