GalaXY Kats
In 2140, an infectious disease crashed the stability of humanity, rendering Earth uninhabitable. Humans had to discover another planet to avoid the extinction of all life on Earth. Bearing the hope of mankind, a group of 10 brave scientists begins their strenuous adventure on their spacecraft Gala XV to find a planet suitable for human colonization. Years later, as Gala XV ran out of fuel, they crash-landed on a planet with endless deserts and desperation. Without enough fuel to continue their exploration, they settled down on this planet and named it Harena. As Harena is not suitable for human survival, the scientists transported their consciousness into the only creatures that could survive in this condition - meerkats.
Crash Site of Gala XV
500 years later, the meerkats having inherited the will of humankind, evolved into the most superior intelligent creature in the universe. Civilization was built on Harena and the other neighboring planets. The meerkats fostered the idea of ​​"regenerating mankind" at the beginning when they inherited the human consciousness. However, except for a few ancestor meerkats, others have gradually forgotten humanity. They found the crashed spaceship Gala XV, as it’s badly damaged with a scar stretching down from the vertex of V, the meerkats called themselves - GalaXY Kats. The GalaXY Kats long held onto the dream of ​​"regenerating mankind" and they believe that one day a hero will appear to rekindle their vision and mission to let humanity rise from the ashes once again.
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