2D Action RPG

In the game, players will play the role of Meerkat. Through skilful movements, dextrous handling of battles, high-precision strikes, and spectacular combatting techniques, gamers will be able to break through enemy lines that ensue, one after another.

Meerkats will require improvement and strengthening along the way. Players need to manage to unlock more powerful equipment to come face to face with more dangerous foes. Meanwhile, with more tasks completed, the full picture of the story will be clearer as well.

Enemies in the adventure will drop $KAT and a broad variety of equipment, which can be used to bolster the overall combat power of the Meerkats and prepare them for more challenging missions.

Roguelite Gameplay

A Roguelite gameplay mechanism will be adopted in the game. In addition to the equipment the players have when they begin a new level, they may also choose from a selection of bonus buffs available for the designated level.

For each wave of attack during the battle, random blessings would appear as options from which the players may choose. There are thousands of combinations available for gamers to synergize together in order to figure out the best way to accomplish a level. This design provides excitement and experience every time they enter a new level.

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