GalaXY Kats


Built on the blockchain, GalaXY Kats is a free action-adventure game. Players in the game will take on the appearance as well as traits of the NFTs they own to fight the opposing forces while exploring the origin of GalaXY Kats.
Since the total number of GalaXY Kats NFTs is 10,000, to allow players who didn't adopt a GalaXY Kats to participate in the game, they will be provided a default model to help facilitate a better gaming experience for the whole community and the tokenomics. Unlike owning GalaXY Kats NFTs, the system default Kats will not be able to be minted as NFTs on the blockchain. However, players can still obtain equipment, and tokens in the game and withdraw for trade on the blockchain. If interested, players are encouraged to adopt GalaXY Kats NFTs on OpenSea as they provide better stats, extra DeFi utilities, and a better gaming experience.
During the intergalactic adventure, players will face and rise to various challenges while exploring the lore of GalaXY Kats, taking full advantage of superb gaming techniques and spectacular combatting skills to defeat the enemy. Besides, the gameplay allows players to collect $KAT and tokenized equipment to bolster combat power. Gamers will be able to rank high down the leaderboard, cover themselves in glory, and earn XY Tokens as they win a series of battles against other players.

Not Play-to-Earn But Play-with-Earn

In the world of GalaXY, Kats players can immerse themselves in not only the intriguing storyline but also diverse gameplay and battle modes. While a broad variety of web3 games out there in the market seems to overlook the most important value of gaming - playability, we are determined to get the best of both worlds, attaching a lot of importance to both playability and profitability (how to monetize the game).
GalaXY Kats aims to differentiate itself from other Play-to-Earn blockchain games as we want our players to enjoy the gaming process rather than play for the sole purpose of earning tokens. Essentially, players don’t have to feel coerced into playing the game out of some financial reasons, but simply because it’s fun and irresistible. This is the GameFi project we envisage how GalaXY Kats should look like, to facilitate a positive economic cycle and stabilize value circulation, a win-win that enables gamers to earn as they enjoy the game!
A Perfect Union Of Gaming and NFT
The appearance of players’ NFTs will be directly adopted in the game as their characters, and players can strengthen the combat power, choose their outfit and more by in-game gear selection/change.
While this change of gear/equipment improves GalaXY Kats' combat power and diversifies their looks, these pieces of equipment can also be traded on the blockchain. Gamers can trade them in secondary markets and get the gear they desire to build a unique image for their characters, highly convenient and customizable!
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